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Venus Funded offers programs that are designed to offer traders the unique opportunity to engage in simulated trading without the need to risk their personal funds. Each program comes with its own set of objectives and guidelines, which play a crucial role in the learning process. By adhering to these rules, traders can fine-tune their trading strategies, developing a deeper understanding of market dynamics and risk management. You trade using simulated accounts. This setup not only provides a secure trading environment but also allows traders to earn rewards based on the profits they generate from these simulated trades.

We offer 19 account sizes: 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K, 25K, 50K, 100K, 150K, 200K, 250K, 300K, 400K, 500K, 600K, 1M, 2M, 3M, 4M and 5M. The account size is the amount of available balance to trade on the account. You will be trading the same account balance throughout the whole process..

There is no specific timeframe to become a successful trader. We understand the importance of theoretical knowledge, but it is equally beneficial to put your expertise into practice. Trading professionally is a continuous learning career since the market is always evolving. If you are confident with your strategy and consistent with your results, we encourage you to apply.

We accept all countries..

A trader is eligible for a payout 14 days from their first trade on the funded account and then again becomes eligible 14 days after the first trade after withdrawing.To be eligible for a payout on funded accounts, your account balance must be above initial account balance and no violations recorded. All of the trader’s positions must be flat (no open trades and no open orders) to receive a payout.

The payouts are processed within 1-2 business days. All Funded Traders can request payouts through their dashboard. Withdrawals are made through Bank/Crypto.

Minimum funded account withdrawal is $100. Minimum affiliate withdrawal is $50.

A trader is eligible for a payout 14 days from their first trade on the funded account and then again becomes eligible 14 days after the first trade after withdrawing.To be eligible for a payout on funded accounts, your account balance must be above initial account balance and no violations recorded. All of the trader’s positions must be flat (no open trades and no open orders) to receive a payout.

The payouts are processed within 1-2 business days. All Funded Traders can request payouts through their dashboard. Withdrawals are made through Bank/Crypto.

Minimum funded account withdrawal is $100. Minimum affiliate withdrawal is $50.

If an account violates the rules or trading parameters on the Evaluation, the account will become no longer eligible for the funded account. If your account breaches the rules or trading parameters on the funded account, your account will be closed, and the Trader Agreement will be terminated.

Please be advised that some violations are not automatically identified and will only be verified by our risk team when an account review is conducted.

Your Evaluation starts from the moment you place your first trade on your account. Make sure to read our inactivity rule.

The Evaluation fee you paid for the account you completed is fully refundable when you receive your first payout. If you fail your evaluation before reaching your first payout it is not refundable.

Yes, you can leave your profits in your account although your drawdown limits will remain based on your initial balance. You can withdraw your profits anytime after your payout day.

You can pay for the evaluation via Debit/Credit cards and cryptocurrency.

Venus Funded Traders' funded accounts (referred to as 'Funded Accounts') should not be considered live trading accounts. These Funded Accounts exist solely in a simulated environment, utilizing real market quotes sourced from liquidity providers. All accounts provided by Venus Funded are demo accounts with virtual funds.

EAs are allowed. You may use EAs (Expert Advisors) that you set up to suit your own strategy or trading style.

Trade Copiers are allowed between your own accounts only.

The maximum total loss allowed in your account is 15%.

Example using a $100,000 account:

Max total loss is 15% of your initial balance = $15,000. Your account equity including unrealized/floating positions must not hit/exceed below $85,000

We have no restrictions on holding trades overnight or the weekend.

Max daily loss is based on 6% of the Initial account balance.

We calculate daily drawdown as follows: Upon the 5pm Est day change, we will take the higher figure of either the account balance or account equity and subtract a fixed 6% of the initial balance from the higher value as the daily loss limit for the new day

Example :

On a 100K Account, if at 5pm EST you have an open trade with a floating profit of $2,000, your account equity will be 102K. With a 6% daily drawdown, the equity cannot drop below $96,000 ($102,000 - $6,000 = $96,000) on the next trading day.

No, we do not have any consistency rules or hidden rules.

The max daily limit resets at 5pm EST.

In order to trade a funded account, all traders are required to pass our Evaluation process.

Simply select your preferred account size and sign up for the Evaluation.

After completing the Evaluation process, you will be offered a funded account.

Alternatively, you can go for an Instant Funded account.

You can purchase and trade multiple Evaluations at the same time.

We allow you to merge funded accounts up to a maximum of 5M.

Our scaling plan allows you to grow your account to $5,000,000 as well.

Yes, you can view all your trading objectives by logging in to the client area.

Once completing trading objectives, you can complete the KYC and sign the contract in your dashboard.

Once completed, the process can take up to 48 hours to receive funded credentials.

You will be notified by email once you pass each stage and automatically sent your new credentials.

The relationship between a Funded Trader and Venus Funded is based on the Contract Agreement that we will send you for signing after you complete the Evaluation process.

The Venus Funded Trader Agreement is a legally binding document.

The profit split a trader receives is 95%.

We require you to place at least one trade every 30 days.

If this is not done, we will consider your account inactive, and a breach of your account will occur.

This rule begins from the account creation date.

The Evaluation is a process where you are required to trade on a demo account with some trading rules.

We offer 2 evaluations, 1-Step Evaluation and 2-Step Evaluation.

No. We are responsible for the funding and liable for the losses in your trading account.

Our traders will not be charged as a result of losing capital.

Yes, we have a scaling plan.

With our scaling plan, you can grow your account to a maximum of $5,000,000.

In order to scale your capital and grow, you must make 15% within a 3-month period.

If you achieve this, we will increase your account size by 30% of your initial balance.

We allow up to $5M in Funded Accounts.

We allow you to scale up to $5,000,000 with our scaling plan.

You can download all of your certificates directly from your dashboard after complete trading objectives for each stage.

We have 0 minimum trading days & unlimited max days. Therefore, you can pass both phases in as little or as much time as you want.

Profit Target is the trading objective.

Phase 1: Reach 8% profit target without violating any rules and trading parameters.

Phase 2: Reach 5% profit target without violating any rules and trading parameters.

No, we do not monitor the amount of lots you place.

Yes, we allow news trading.

For trades executed on your FUNDED ACCOUNT 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after red folder (high-impact) news events, we ask that you limit your risk exposure to no more than 25% of your account balance (1/4 margin). Profits made during this time with 25%+ margin could be subject to removal but no account violation.

Hedging is allowed.

Martingale is not allowed.

Stop Loss is not required.

You can trade FX, FX Exotics, Indices, Gold & Commodities, Cryptos.

We provide 1:200 leverage for both evaluation and funded stages.

We offer the MT5 & Ctrader platform for trading.

Venus Funded offers flexibility! We allow platform changes for evaluation accounts with clear trading history.

Ongoing evaluation accounts first have to pass the trading objectives and a new trading platform can be requested for the next phase. Changing the platform is not possible if trades are placed on the account.

Request a platform change with the account number through support@venusfunded.com

Venus Funded is not a broker; rather, it operates as a Simulated trading Evaluation company.

Following the successful completion of 1 or 2-phase challenges, our clients gain access to Simulated Funded accounts.

At Venus Funded, we provide traders with the freedom to choose their trading styles and strategies without any restrictions. However, it is essential to adhere to our terms and avoid any activities that exploit the system or violate fair trading practices. Please take note of the following prohibited actions:

It is prohibited to:

(1) Utilize software, artificial intelligence, ultra-high-speed techniques, or mass data entry methods that may manipulate, abuse, or provide an unfair advantage when using our systems or services.

(2) Perform trades in a manner that contradicts how trading is typically conducted in the forex market or any other financial market, or in a way that raises justified concerns about potential financial or other harm to the provider resulting from the customer's activities.

(3) Conduct trades that contradict the terms and conditions of the provider and the trading platform.

(4) Execute trades using an external or slow data feed.

(5) Knowingly or unknowingly use trading strategies that exploit errors in the services, such as price display errors or delayed updates.

(6) Engage in trades, either individually or in collaboration with others, with the intent to manipulate trading, such as entering into simultaneous opposite positions.

(7) Hedging different accounts with other Evaluation firms similar to Venus Funded.

These guidelines are in place to ensure fair and transparent trading practices while protecting the integrity of our systems and services.

Account Management Services: All accounts participating in our challenges must be exclusively traded by the account owner without any changes once a phase has been completed. Failure to comply with this requirement will be considered a violation of the account’s terms. Additionally, one household and one IP address should equal one trader. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a breach of all accounts across all parties involved.

Prohibited Trading Practices & Group Trading: Group trading is not allowed, so you cannot copy trade from other people as well as group up and reverse trade with each other.

High-frequency trading: A type of algorithmic trading in which large volumes of positions are traded automatically at very high speeds in a matter of seconds.

News scalping: involves rapidly opening and closing multiple positions within seconds, particularly during high-impact news releases such as FOMC, NFP, CPI, and others. It is important to note that engaging in news scalping is prohibited only when it is intentionally exploiting the market feed.

Arbitrage (reverse and latency): Arbitrage trading is not allowed strictly and any accounts will be breached.

Multi-account reverse trading: Reverse trading would be FOMC is about to come out, you buy 50 lots on Venus Funded and you sell 50 lots on some other Evaluation firm. Multi-account reverse trading is not allowed even if both accounts are with Venus Funded.

Tick scalping: Scalping in ticks which is impossible to copy on live data if the firm chooses to do so. Example: Opening and closing large position sizes and in numbers within seconds is not possible to be mirrored live and results will be different.

Reverse Trading: Reverse trading is the same as multi-reverse trading; it's just that it is focused more on reversing between the Funded Engineer's internal accounts. Example: both the accounts are with the Venus Funded.

Copying Trades: Group hedging, which involves individuals coordinating opposing positions across one or multiple Evaluation firms to manipulate risk, is strictly prohibited.

Purchasing or providing account management services or engaging in Evaluation firm passing services is strictly prohibited.

Sharing your account information or allowing someone else to pass an account on your behalf is not allowed, and any violations will result in the loss of all involved accounts.

It is not allowed to mirror trades from another trader or group of traders across multiple accounts.

It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your account credentials. Please be aware that we do not reinstate accounts that have been compromised, shared with third parties for trading purposes, and subsequently lost. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, kindly contact our support team immediately. We will promptly change the password to secure your trading account.

Note: Account reinstatements will not be considered therefore it is highly advised to contact us as soon as possible in the event of a suspected account hack.

Upon successfully receiving a Simulated Funded account, you are required to upload the required documents for KYC verification.

All Simulated Funded Trading accounts are kept on READ-ONLY mode until the KYC verification is complete.

For Proof of Identity:

- Valid Passport

- National ID Card

- Driver's license

For Proof of Address:

- Bank Statements

- Utility bills (not older than 2 months)

- Internet/Cable TV/House phone line bills.

- Tax returns

- Council Tax bills.

- Government-issued certifications of residence

We do not accept:

- Screenshots

- Mobile phone bills

- Medical bills

- Receipts for purchases

- Insurance statements

Yes, you can open an account under your company name. However, we would require an additional document along with your KYC, proving your (part) ownership of the company.

You should receive your trading account credentials instantly after a successful purchase. In some cases, it may take slightly longer.

Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder as well. However, if you still have not received your trading account credentials, please don't hesitate to reach our live support. Our dedicated team is here to assist and will promptly resend the email to guarantee you have the account credentials to begin trading.

You can request your first payout after 14 calendar days of placing your first trade on your simulated funded account of any of the 3 programs we offer.

You will be able to request the payout from your dashboard by clicking the 'Withdraw Balance' button. Once you submit a withdrawal, your account will be placed on read-only and no trades can be placed until the review and withdrawal process is complete.

Note: Please make sure that no trade/position is open when you request your payout.

You can request your payout via:

- Cryptocurrency: If you wish to receive your payout in Cryptocurrency, you can request via USDT, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC

Yes, the minimum simulated profit to become eligible for a payout is $100 (after split) for all programs and all account sizes.

If you violate your Simulated Funded account with Venus Funded however if the account is still in profits, you will be eligible for a payout if your account has met the following criteria:

- You placed an SL on all trades

- You didn't lose more than 1% of the initial account balance in any given trade

A refund for the purchase fee is initiated along with the first payout from your Simulated Funded account. However, please be mindful of the following:

1 - Refund is disbursed along with the first payout only if (after-split) payout amount is at or above 1% of the initial balance.

2 - If the 1st condition is not met, refund is disbursed along with the second payout as long as the minimum (after-split) payout amount of $100 is met.

Note: The refund rate is %150. However, it can vary depending on the coupon code inserted while purchasing the challenge.

Yes, you need to close all of your trades to receive a payout. Please make sure you do this before you submit your payout request to avoid any delays.

The payout will then take up to 48 hours to process and arrive in your account. You can continue trading on your account once the simulated profits have been withdrawn from the account.

To join our affiliate program, you are required to first apply as an affiliate through your account dashboard. You will get a link to attract your clients to our firm.

Please note that if someone has previously registered an account with us and then uses your affiliate code to make a purchase, the commission will not be credited to your account.

Affiliate commission percentage varies depending on the Tier you have achieved. The Affiliate commission is categorized as follows:

Tier 1: 1 - 50 Sales - Free 50K 1-Step challenge at 50 Sales. Commission: 15%

Tier 2: 51-500 Sales - Free 100K 1-Step Challenge at 500 Sales. Commission: 20%

Tier 3: 501-1000 Sales - Free 200K 1-Step Challenge at 1000 Sales. Commission: 20%

Tier 4: 1001+ Sales - Free 300K Superior Challenge at 2500 Sales. Commission: 20%

You can request an affiliate payout through your account dashboard. However, the only payout medium used for a withdrawal of affiliate commissions is through Crypto USDT (ERC20 or TRC20).

Note: The minimum payout requirement for Affiliate commissions is $100.

Please bear in mind that you are solely responsible and liable for the payment of any and all taxes, levies, or fees that apply to you in relation to the Venus Funded Account Agreement under the applicable laws and regulations.

Venus Funded is neither able nor authorized to provide any tax advice or instructions.

We are here for you every step of the way